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Transcription Solutions for Hospitals

Manage your clinical documentation anytime, anywhere.

MedScribe supports real time access to all aspects of today's healthcare documentation process through a client management portal. Our customers monitor, listen, and route dictated audio files, have role based access to search for completed reports, automatically distribute reports including auto-fax, and utilize web-based electronic signature with dual signature functionality and physician edit.

Management reporting includes a deep library of customizable reports for turnaround time, quality, billing, e-sign management, auto-fax logs, and reconciliation.

EHR integration and optimization. We’ve got it covered.

MedScribe's core objective is to help you improve the efficiency of your clinical documentation process. By combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) and discrete data tagging, MedScribe seamlessly integrates dictated narrative back into the EHR’s documentation templates to uphold meaningful use. We support many of the common EHR platforms including EPIC, Meditech (both client and hosted), Siemens, McKesson, Cerner, HMS, CPSI, and many more.


Transcription for Clinics/Physician Groups