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Speech Recognition Services

In today's fast-paced health environment, Physicians are facing enough pressures with EMR/EHR adoption and other mandates. Medscribe understands the need to focus as much time as possible on patient care, not paperwork or data entry.

MedScribe's back-end speech understanding improves your production time, reduces per line costs, and improves the quality and consistency of your medical reports. Our tools understand the way people really speak, regardless of dialect, accents, speaking styles, dictation habits, grammar, mispronunciation or speaking rate.

Back-End Deployment with MedScribe Editors

MedScribe's back end speech understanding model is deployed to be totally transparent to the physician and supports seamless enrollment. This model boasts a physician adoption rate of over 80% and utilization across all medical specialties and work types.

**MedScribe's Back-End Speech Adoption
Guarantee for Acute-Care Clients**

How it works:

Step 1: Start with two competitive service rates for the 1st 90 days

  • 9.5 cents per 65-character line for back-end editing
  • 12.5 cents per 65-character line for traditional transcription

Step 2: MedScribe applies the blended capped rate for the remainder of the service term based on 50% back-end speech adoption...even if the speech adoption level is below 50% the rate is still capped at 11 cents per 65-character line!

Step 3: Each month, MedScribe applies any additional discount based on the actual back-end speech adoption levels for the prior month. (see below rate table for billing rates after applied discount)

Interfacing Integration

Interfacing and Integration

MedScribe interfacing capabilities bridge the gaps between patient registry, transcription and EMR/EHR/HIS systems to improve workflow and reduce costs. View platforms here >>