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EHR Optimization for Hospitals

Access to patient information in today's healthcare environment is critical to patient care and your organization’s cash flow. With MedScribe, all workflows are customized to maintain physician efficiency and optimize EHR value by driving physician adoption. Your completed reports are automatically uploaded into EHR repository for electronic signature management.

MedScribe helps its acute care customers through EHR adoption by:

  • Hiring only the most qualified US based employees
  • Expanding services to encompass the new EHR requirements
  • Integrating the traditional dictation and transcription processes and workflows into the new EHR required processes.

Interfacing and Integration

MedScribe interfacing capabilities bridge the gaps between patient registry, transcription and EHR/HIS systems to improve workflow and reduce costs. Platforms include:

  • EPIC
  • Meditech (both client and hosted)
  • Siemens
  • McKesson
  • Cerner
  • HMS
  • CPSI

Mobile solutions for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

MedScribe's mobile solution allows physicians to create documentation from anywhere using a WiFi network or cellular data connection. Physicians easily access their schedules, dictation, document templates, and patients’ transcription history from their mobile device.


EHR Optimization for Hospitals