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EHR Optimization for Clinics & Physician Groups

Clinics and physicians’ groups are under intense pressure to implement EHRs and meet meaningful use requirements. MedScribe understands your need to enter electronic encounter notes. We also recognize that EHR templates, check boxes and drop down menus disrupt physician workflow and impede EHR adoption.

There is a solution: MedScribe.

MedScribe improves the efficiency of the documentation process by combining Natural Language Processing "NLP" and discrete data tagging. Dictated notes are tagged and converted to discrete data for upload into any EHR.

Interfacing and Integration

MedScribe interfacing capabilities bridge the gaps between patient registry, transcription and EHR/HIS systems to improve workflow and reduce costs. Platforms include:

  • EPIC
  • Meditech (both client and hosted)
  • Siemens
  • McKesson
  • Cerner
  • HMS
  • CPSI

Mobile solutions for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

MedScribe's mobile solution allows physicians to create documentation from anywhere using a WiFi network or cellular data connection. Physicians easily access their schedules, dictation, document templates, and patients’ transcription history from their mobile device.


EHR Optimization for Hospitals